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From here you can learn about the aqua industry, view our officially approved merchandise and purchase our internationally acclaimed equipment. More than a retailer, we provide training and maintenance for all our equipment, we hope to cater for all aqua enthusiasts.
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Hydrorider Aqua Treadmill Easyline

Hydrorider Aqua Treadmill EasylineProduct Information

The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line allows all centres with pool facilities to bring a new form of aquatic aerobic exercise to their facilities’ at an affordable price. The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line is both aesthetically pleasing yet retains its functionality and durability.

Features - What makes the Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line unique is that it is a large piece of equipment when in use but its ability to be folded reduces the storage space and is relatively light.

  •  It is made out of marine stainless steel AISI3161 which is rust proof.
  • The platform is made of 308 rolls that are rotating over flexible shock absorbing supports.
  •  There is neither mechanic resistance nor motor moving rolls.
  • The user has to press a foot downwards whilst also sliding their foot against the opposing force of the water. Once the leg has completed the full range of the movement, the user should return foot to the front of the treadmill and start again.

Users of the AquaTreamill shall receive all the physical benefits of land based alternatives but additionally receive benefits which may only be received though exercising in water.

Buoyancy - A participant’s body weight will be about 50% of what it would be on land in shallow water and about 90% (or more) in deep water - Reducing the pressure on users’ joints.

Water density - Reduced risk of injury to ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints is dramatically lowered, because they are supported by density.

Hydrostatic pressure - aids the lymphatic, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line is ideal for group exercise, circuit training, rehabilitation, personal training and athletic training.

Product Code: HYDV1

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