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Welcome to the Hydro Fitness Solutions distribution website.

From here you can learn about the aqua industry, view our officially approved merchandise and purchase our internationally acclaimed equipment. More than a retailer, we provide training and maintenance for all our equipment, we hope to cater for all aqua enthusiasts.
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  1. At what depths can the Aquabikes be used?

    For safety we require classes to take place at a depth no deeper than 1.6m and no shallower than 1.1m. The graduation of the pool must also be considered to make sure all participants can enjoy the class in safety.
  1. Can pools with non-constant graduation use the Aquabikes? 

    Graduated or not, providing the pool surface is flat Hydrospin classes can be conducted. Upon purchasing the equipment, a member of our team shall provide recommended class formations for your own facility and where the class should ideally be positioned in the pool. 
  1. Will the Aquabikes/AquaTreadmill rust? 

    Our equipment is designed for use in various waters whether in sea water, hot and cold temperatures or sloping surfaces. What’s more, made from stainless steel, the Aquabikes may even be permanently stored underwater and remain rust free.
  1. Can you change the levels of resistance?

    Unique to the Hydrorider Aquabike is its variable resistance capability. Our Aquabike does not use foam or any other material to create pedal resistance, our Aquabikes use paddles where the surface area in contact with the water can be changed altering the resistance.  
  1. Do the Aquabikes move a lot when they are positioned in the water?

    Early prototypes of the Aquabikes failed to take into account the varying surfaces the Aquabikes may encounter but our modern Aquabikes include both rubber grips to reduce lateral movement and small ‘suckers’ to prevent vertical movement.
  1. Are the Aquabikes Heavy? Is it easy to move them around? 

    The Aquabikes weigh approximately 22.5kgs and we recommend two people lift an each Aquabike out of a pool. However each Aquabike is built with transportation wheels allowing any participant to move the equipment with relative ease.   
  2. Are the AquaTreadmills heavy? How easy are the Aqua Treadmills to store? 

    The AquaTreadmills weigh approximately, 29.5kgs and like the Aquabikes include wheels to aid in mobility. The AquaTreadmills require even less space to store than the Aquabike due to the foldable platform.
  1. Where is the best place to store the Equipment?

    On the poolside away from the pool edge. We have found the equipment itself is a self serving marketing tool. Often people will look at the equipment and make enquiries regarding classes before reading any literature or browsing our website. The equipment should be stored as close to the pool, allowing decreasing the time it takes to prepare a class.
  2. Can you use the equipment barefooted?

    Unfortunately, use of our Aquabikes/ AquaTreadmill with bare feet is prohibited. However, you may purchase Aquashoes on this website and at your local Hydrocycling centre.  
  3. How can I purchase an Aquabike/AquaTreadmill?

We at HFS endeavour to provide our customers with packages specifically tailored for each individual or facility. Please contact us directly and we shall attempt to accommodate your needs.
Ryandra House,
Ryandra Business Park,
ST10 1SR
Tel: 01538 755 377
Fax: 01538 755 010
  1. Are there any Installation Costs?  

Currently, we are offering free installation and delivery with all purchases irrespective of order size. 
  1. What training is available to use the equipment?

    Our Hydrospin course is fully accredited with 16 CPD points. Additionally, we offer a level 2 aqua course.  
  1. Is it expensive to maintain the equipment?
Maintenance of the equipment is not expensive at all. All purchases of Aquabikes or AquaTreadmills include a 1 year warranty. In addition to the warranty, quarterly checks shall be conducted by HFS ensuring all equipment operates as if it were new.
  1. Are spare parts available?
Once the warranty and maintenance contracts expire, contracts are available whereby HFS shall continue to conduct regular equipment services. Spare parts  are available upon enquiry. 
  1. Is there a recommended maintenance schedule for the Aquabikes?
Other than the quarterly maintenance checks, we provide in any purchase as part of our warranty, we would recommend that our customers check the Aquabikes’ straps on the foot cages regularly (every 2 weeks) and simply keep an eye on the wear and tear of the Aquabikes.
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